The Election Community of Practice and Learning (ECOPL), a civil society organisation has urged Government to officially declare the status of recommendations of the Constitution Review Commission (CRC) as far as it’s implementation is concerned.

According to the group, President Akufo-Addo must ensure that the Constitution is amended holistically, inclusively and transparently in accordance with the aspirations of Ghanaians and also declare it’s members.

Addressing the media in Accra, Convener of the group, Eyram Bashan said” the media should help us to revive the conversation around the implementation of the constitutional review recommendations by informing the public through news and programming.”

The group also asked government to inform Ghanaians on the current state of various recommendations made by CRC on some constitutional provisions that ought to be amended of which over 90% were accepted by government in a White Paper issued in June, 2012.

The convener stated that some flaws in the constitution; in design and practice, have concentrated too much power in the executive arm of government undermining systems of checks and balances.

Madam Bashan stressed, “The commission was tasked to consult the people of Ghana on the operation of the 1992 Constitution and make recommendations on any changes that needed to be made.


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