By: Godwin Ako Gunn

The people of Alajo have gotten their one district one factory promise by Nana Addo Danquah; funny as it may sound, the factory produces BOMBS !!!

Suprisingly, that is where IC Quaye lives. The Kwame Nkrumah administration suffered numerous attacks from the UP tradition with made in Alajo guns and bombs.

Fast forward to 2019, a UP member is in power, and his practical history and supplies from Alajo, formerly a cattle rearing area may be hunting him.
Oh yes !!! What goes round comes around the elders say.

Let me assure Nana to feel free and work, he should stop looking over his shoulders, or turning around to see who is after him.

Don’t fear the knife or catapult, fear yourself and your schemes; you may fall in your own pit.

Ghanians have accepted democracy, though it hasn’t proven to be the best for us in African, but we are better off than under a military rule.

The forth republic has made many turns; from Rawlings to Kuffour to Mills to Mahama and to Akuffo Addo. This is the longest republic in our history.

Why is Akkuffo Addo afraid of a coup d’tate ? What are his fears, coup plotters don’t just move to take over because they feel for it . There are propellers that make it happen. These are not limited to the following ;

I am sure this administration is by itselves admitting the difficulty in peoples lives. For people to support a coup, they must admit there is a gamble that must be taken to better their lot.


Another ingredient needed to have an overthrow is when people believe they are living with a tyrant. I am sure the information minister has fears that the president is doing something that is not right. Nana yen ka masem has been one of the accolades the president has earned . There are many examples apart from the recent Solomon Owosu’s attack by his security.


When people can’t wait to see your back, the next elections doesn’t mean anything to them. I am suprised the good will of a person who claims to have won the elections with over a million votes , can have an attempted coup in less than 3 years of his administration?. Then something is really wrong. The heart people must really be broken !!!

Everyone has hope , assurance etc from leadership, but when it is proven that the president has nothing to offer and uninspiring, instead stealing and practising cronyism, family and friends, etc , there is a serious despondence that can lead to an overthrow

I have been so suprised about the recent public comments by lower and middle ranks in the military. The most crazy of all, is when some of them actually video their anger and frustration and share it on social media, openly telling the political class to hell with you .

Let me assure this failing Gov’t to focus on its mandate. The propaganda will expose them than help them .

The overthrow however will surely happen by the ballot, heavily backed by the thumb.

People are just tired of them, and that tiredness will be expressed soon, we are just 15 months away.

Their evil plans can never save them , because Ghanians are assured of better days ahead .

Kun fa Yakun


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