A 45 year old husband who is a Manager is seeking for a divorce after discovering that his first child with his wife who happens to be a male has Blood Group B.

As a result of the boy’s blood group, the aggrieved husband has dragged the wife together with the boy who he now suspects to be another man’s child out of his house.

According to the embattled wife, she finds it quite disbelieving to see her husband who is the manager of an astute company to behave in such a strange manner.

“My husband is not an illiterate, he is very educated, I think he has been possessed”. She said in astonishment.

Narrating her side of the story to Newstowergh reporter, Mrs. Kwofie explained that, her husband is calling for divorce simply because she is blood group O and the husband is blood group A, hence he suspects that their first child who is blood group B type is not his child.

When she was asked whether her husband’s allegation is true, she said she is a woman of integrity who will not undermine herself under any circumstances to bring such shame and disgrace upon herself.

Meanwhile, her husband on the other hand disclosed that, he thought their children may have his blood group type or that of their mother but after finding out that the first child has a different blood type, he can’t accept him as his child neither can he keep the marriage.

Their marriage is now in limbo as family members of both sides are in the process of seeing what they can do to resolve the situation.


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