It is often said that to every situation, there is a cause. Of course we know the recent attacks on foreigners in South Africa by its legitimate citizens have a fore cause, but treating a fellow human being as though he is some kind of animal is completely out of place

South Africa has now become a place of doom for foreigners living in the country as it citizens keep tormenting these innocent souls who are in their country to make a living.

Following the hot criticism and backlash South Africans have suffered as a result of their cruel actions toward other Africans in their country, one of them has detailed why they start the attacks and why they want Nigerians especially to evacuate.

According to the South African man, although he believes all Africans need to be united in order to progress but the presence of Nigerians in South Africa is doing more harm than good to the country.

On that note, he revealed that most of South African youths are getting addicted to drugs because Nigerians have been selling dangerous and illegal drugs to these young ones.

To support his claims, he shared pictures of some of the youths taking some of these dangerous drugs sold to them by Nigerians and the effect the drugs have had on them.

On his Facebook wall, he wrote

“As much as I support Black supremacy, but what is being condoned by Nigerian’s is totally unacceptable, our real South African brothers are dying perpetuated by drugs sold by Nigerian’s. The horrible injustices of Drugs that we are facing in the townships are so painful. I remember 2 weeks ago the foreign Nigerian Nationals were attacking the SAPS, there were jokes all over social media saying that our police are Mabena’s, then last week a taxi driver ( a Father, a Husband and a Bread winner) was shot dead by a Nigerian drug dealer, when he was trying to stop the guy from selling drugs to a young boy, people also kept quiet. But when South African’s retaliate they are called Xenophobic 🤔🤔

These celebrities/Politicians don’t care about us at all, if you know how Nigerian’s treat us in Joburg CBD😔😔 it’s so painful, it is like we are the foreigners, worst part in PE Central yooh if you can see how the students are victimised by this guy’s 🤧🤧Then your celebrities come now and raise their low concern about how ignorant we are, whereas they are only trying to shine in the International world at our own expense, we are the one’s who are suffering on the ground, we are the one’s who stay with the drug addicts, we see their pain on the daily basis. So who must we Blame?

Lastly, we must shift from this narrative mind of always blaming the white people even if our own Black African brothers are destroying us, hiding in the name of we are all Africans. This need to end.



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