I must confess, I don’t know what is going on any more. I don’t know what to believe and what not to believe about our Takoradi girls.

What is the acting IGP up to; this brings to mind a statement my friend Fred made in Ga, “abaa na na” meaning we will have a solution to it.

Four girls were kidnapped in four different places at different times and they all ended up in one well ? REALLY ?

My confusion is deepend with the fact that bodies will decompose without a stench in the neighbourhood and no witness or suspicion of irregular activities.

The bodies never floated even with rain fall in June and July, some one should just help me understand this !!!

Nana Addo Danquah, the police under your administration is really working, they are really working to plan. They are not just discovering mysteries, they are rather causing mysteries in our minds.

The well with the supposed remains of the girls is in a public place and the house is not also fenced or confined with no tenants in the house. I am getting more confused as I type .

There are secrets in every home, in hard and difficult times, some secrets are revealed painfully and here goes one.

Are you aware one of the families claim their child was ADOPTED? Oh yes !!! So how could the DNA test prove positive or match that of the child to confirm it was her. Hmmmmmmm Abaa na na .

So how come the CID boss didn’t break the news but the acting IGP did?. Is she tired of being called a liar or the acting IGP wants to bulldoze his way through for recognition and confirmation ? Abaa na na

I wouldn’t be suprised when he is confirmed this year, but another strategy is to keep him acting so that he can obediently follow orders. Pull a string and he shouts YES SIR MASTER SIR !!!

For some of us, the voice recording of A-Plus and the CID boss ring a bell in our minds every day.

In all these , what are the claims of the suspect(s) if indeed its one person who kidnapped all these girls and kept them in that well , why are we keeping the other suspect(s)

That recording by A-Plus has formed an impression on the minds of people. A lot of statements the police releases are taken with a pinch of salt. Some are purely cover ups .

Why is it that the new discoveries are only made when a scandal breaks in NPP?. Just a coincidence or a strategic manoeuvre.

I won’t be suprised when the police comes out tomorrow to deny their own statement when another scandal breaks.

Please, Nana Addo, in our politicking, lets remember some hearts are grieving. Some poor people are not interested in your juju and tricks, they just want to be in their small corner in peace .

In all of these confusion on my mind, I am assured by the words of my brother Fred, “ABAA NA NA” There are better days ahead !!!

Kun fa Yakun


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