Citizens in the Ayawaso East Municipality where educated on the whristle blowers act in an event organised by the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE).

The programme was held on the 24th of September 2019 at the Mallam Fuseini mosque in Nima on the team; “Whistle Blowing Mechanism and Anti-Corruption- The a Role of the Citizenry”.

Keynote speaker for the occasion Mr. Roger Amandi of the Commission for Human Rights and Adminstrative Justice (CHRAJ) delved on the provisions of the whistle blowers  Act 720,  Act 2006, and called on participants to contribute to national development by reporting acts of corruption to the appropriate authorities such as CHRAJ, Ghana Police Service, Office of the Special Prosecutor, Office of the Attorney General and Chiefs.

He again admonished participants that the commission would always keep the identity of the whistle blower out of the publics eye to prevent them from any form of harm, while he entreated them to report alleged cases of corruption only when they have facts to back their claims and not out of animosity for the accused.

ACP Abraham Aquaye commander of the Nima division of the Ghana Police Service urged participants to share in the policing of their communities through reporting crimes and collaborating with the Ghana Police Service. He also indicated that  people who volunteer as informants are entitled to an allowance from the police administration.

On corruption, ACP Aquaye said “all Ghanaians are corrupt because we have individual, institutional and society at large forms of corruption in Ghana, there is a need therefore for a collective action against corruption”.

The office in-charge of the Ayawaso East office of the NCCE Mr. Emmanuel Mettle encouraged participants to be actively involved in social engagements in the municipality on matters of development to help uplift the plight of the people of the Ayawaso East municipality.

By: Alexander Naaga Bombande/


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