The hunt for talents in the Ghana Institute of Journalism is set to come up this year with fantastic and bigger packages

The organizers Infinity Foundation, in an interview made it known that the talent which is powered by back stage events and GIJ SRC is planning to make this year’s own better than that of last year’s own which saw the winner taking home a television set.


‘GIJ got talent’ is a project uniquely devised to gather young minds and talents in the

Communication/art arena bringing out the best of their gifts through a healthy, innovative, limit breaking competition and like the name Suggests the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) is for this edition, the setting for the talent mining, hence the GIJ- focused nature of the edition.

All things following through, the program is set to start and end in the duration of a month and two weeks.

There are three parts in the competition; Picking of Forms, Audition and the competition (selection, eviction and the grand finale). The competition holds no biases on religion, gender, political affiliation, tribe or race and is therefore open to whosoever beliefs he or she has what it takes to compete.

More soon

Story by: Michael Elorm Zah


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