The Xbox One Elite Controller is by far one of the best controllers gamers can purchase, and it has a high price tag to match. There’s no doubt that some gamers have held off on picking up an Xbox One Elite Controller due to its high price, and those gamers may be interested in a new Walmart sale that offers what is perhaps the biggest discount on the Xbox One Elite Controller yet.

The Walmart Xbox One Elite Controller sale offers a brand new Elite Controller for $119.94, down from the $149.99 that it usually costs. As noted by IGN, this could very well be the best price that the Xbox One Elite Controller has been available for, and in fact, the used version of the controller costs the same on Amazon right now.

This deep discount on the Xbox One Elite Controller through Walmart is part of Walmart’s Big Save sale. Designed to compete with the ongoing Amazon Prime Day 2019 sale, Walmart is offering significant discounts across virtually all of its departments. Sometimes Walmart is even offering better deals than what can be found on Amazon, as evidenced by this Xbox One Elite Controller deal, so gamers will want to be sure to shop around.


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