Poverty is not only a disease but a sin. For a lot of evils in the air is perpetuated by insufficient money in one’s pocket.

The truth is, when one is suffering financially, ones mind becomes occupied with a lot of evil thoughts as explained by rapper Guru in a new post via twitter.

According to Guru, poverty makes people attribute every happening in their life as having a spiritual backing which might not be so.

Consequently, it makes one create s lot of enemies for him; the very people who might be of help to the person in the long run.- Advertisement –

Off late, Guru has been dishing out a lot of priceless tips or if you like motivations via Twitter and we don’t know what has come over him perhaps God wants to use him.

Check out the post below:

Poverty makes you see every challenge in your life as spiritual and you end up creating enemies with people that would have helped you.#nkz

— GURU (@gurunkz) July 25, 201

source: ghbase


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