The Aspiring Assembly Man for Fofie Electoral Area in the New Juaben North Municipal Assembly of E/R, Mr. Bernard Boateng popularly known as CK has emphatically stated, lobbying for developmental projects for the people of Fofie Electoral Area is my priority. Many things has fall apart at Foefie.

‘We have so many problems in Fofie especially our public toilet, its in a bad shape and nothing have been done about the situation’.

Mr. Boateng continued, if you come to the New Juaben South Municipal Assembly, they are demolishing all the a cake public toilets and rebuilding them. We can do the same at Fofie Electoral Area through lobbying. It is the responsibility of every assembly member to do that and am the best person to fixed those problems.

‘If I voted as the Assembly Man for Foffie Electoral Area, they are going to see massive infrastructure projects. So the people of Fofie should wake-up and vote for change coming December 10 2019’, he added.

He spoke in an interview with Kingdom News Reporter KONTIHEN KOFI OBOH.

Mr. Bernard Boateng further stated, I’m a teacher and I know the ethics of education. I have helped so many children in different towns to win numerous awards at the District and Regional level. I will do the same for my people if am voted as the assembly member.




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