The Royal Family together with the people of Nyankumsi Ahenkro (Central Region) and the entire Atandansu state has performed a traditional rite to distool their queen mother Nana Abena Gyamfuah II.

According to them, the Royal from Asenie Royal Family and the King makers of Atandansu Traditional Area In Atandansu Traditional Area, there has been a Royal name for all our Queen mothers (ie.) KWAKYEWAA OR ANIN. As she is not from the Royal she took her own name which is not in line with our Traditionally installed Queen mothers.

Their Reasons

Instead of taking one above names she prefered to be called NANA ABENA GYAMFUAH II whereas there was no GYAMFUA I.

Secondly, she refused to attend the funeral of the late Abusuapanin NANA KWASI NTIFUL who installed her as Queen mother. If she is a true Royal and part of Asenie Royal Family (King Makers) she cannot do that.

The most annoying aspect of it all is that after death of the late Abusuapanin, she took the brother of the late Abusuapanin, NANA OPPONG KYEKYEKU who succeeded him to Court to challenged him of not from Asenie Family or calling him as alien.

The case was ruled in favour of Abusuapanin NANA OPPONG KYEKYEKU at the Magistrate Court at Nyankumasi Ahenkro.
She later made an appeal at High Court in Cape Coast and it also went in favour of Abusuapanin NANA OPPONG KYEKYEKU.

Ever since she was installed as Queen mother at Atandansu she has had problems with all the Atandansu Chiefs and their Queen mothers and her behavour has created a lot of controversies in this area between the Queen mothers and their Chiefs.
She does not respect any Chief in Atandansu using abusive language to them during their meetings.

In addition to above stated, she (Queen mother) always disagrees with the opinion of the council of elders.

Recently, the GYAASE Division and all members of the Traditional Council agreed to build a conference hall and offices with the money from the EKU FAMILY been paid to them by the Government as Royalties, the Queen mother after hearing this good news she rather took the Acting President of the Traditional Council OSEDEAYO KWANTWI BERIMA and the bank keeping the money to court challenging or want the court to issue an order to compel the bank to pay the money to her own personal account.

She demanded that the money must be shared by the Acting President and his failure to do that compelled the Queen mother to take him to court.

Lastly, she brought an NGO to Nyankumasi Ahenkro to establish a school and ask every child to GH¢5.00 as registration fee. Since then nothing had been heard about it and the entire community is highly annoyed with such behavour and support for her distoolment.

With the above reasons the entire Asenie Family decided to distool her as Queen mother of Atandansu Traditional Area. In conclusion we want to distool her because her behaviour cannot help than to destroy everything our fore-fathers left behind. We the Royal Family together with the people of Nyankumsi Ahenkro and the entire Atandansu State are no longer interested in her as Queen mother of the Atandasu Traditional Area.

Statement Issued on behalf of the family by NANA KOFI BEDETOH
Spokes person for Abusuapanin NANA OPPONG KYEKYEKU.

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