Microsoft tried its hardest to turn the Kinect into something great, but the peripheral never managed to win over the hearts of the general gaming population.

There are many reasons why the Kinect failed, even though the device had some neat applications.

It played a pretty large role in the initial negative feedback that the Xbox One faced after its reveal, and has had a lasting effect on the console’s sales.

However, the device appears to have found a new calling – though it isn’t quite what Microsoft originally had in mind for it.

Video Game Historian Jacob Scott spotted the motion device at Newark Liberty International Airport, where it appears to be being used as a security system. The Kinect can be seen attached to a long arm, which is being used to monitor crowds as they move about the airport.

Close-ups of the device reveal that the Xbox logo is still imprinted on them, though this doesn’t necessarily seem like the type of marketing that Microsoft would want for the Kinect or the Xbox brand in general.


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