G.P.R.T.U chairman in the Ashanti regional capital lambast the roads and highways Minister over the current accident happening in Ghana.

In a media interaction with BANCE, he lamented that, Hon. Amoako Atta doesn’t know his responsibilities as a Minister because when ever accident occurs, drivers are those we blame and he is an experience driver who have drive over 40 years without single accident record so when ever he hears drivers are been insulted, he feels very sad because some of the accident on our road are not only the faults of drivers but rather the agencies who are responsible for road maintenance which is MINISTRY OF ROADS AND HIGHWAYS ;

Ghana highway authority
Department of defer Roads
Department of Urban roads
These are the responsible agencies who are suppose to fix our port holes and road-signs on the road.

However, he toured the whole Ashanti region, central region , Brong Ahafo region etc and some of the major problems on our road is road-signs.

He revealed that, there are road-signs which have broken
breakdown and need to be fixed but because HON. AMOAKO ATTAH is incompetent and doesn’t qualify to be a minister has turn a deaf ear over it.
He has reported the challenges to Ashanti Regional Highway director but he refused to fix it.

Moreover, his problem about the whole issue is that GHANA HIGHWAYS AUTHORITY SHOULD GO AND FIX IT.
he has a couple of videos about poor roads and road-signs in Ghana.

Lastly, he lamented that, a Trotro driver who drives from Accra to Kumasi everyday can probably points outs where sharp curves are located on the road, port holes, no road-signs etc but when a new person who based in Accra or Kumasi doesn’t use these road frequently , how can he/she use the road without road-sign. he added

Story filed by Bance


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