The National concern group called “Save the nation for future generations’ President Mr. Atta Appiah korang has advised His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo to disband the work of Operation vanguard which rather increase illegal mining in the country.

Mr. Appiahkorang was speaking at press conference held at Accra over the weekend where the group state categorically that operation vanguard is rather promoting galamsey because they think that operation vanguard is not doing their work properly to make our water bodies which was pulluted then time clean.

The group also urge President to come and account for the tax payers money use purposely for operation vanguard exercise .

They finally appealed to the government not to give Atiwa forest to China people to mine, the group suggested that the forest can be use as national park instead of mining at the forest to destroy water bodies which sippy portable drinking water about( six )thousand people on Akyem land.

Recently some of the concern group like Arocha Ghana also did press conference to kick out the move by the government to mine at Atiwa forest as well as residence of concern group of Atiwa landscape also not happy with the government position.

For more insight contact :Atta Appiah korang National president for Save the nation


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