A viral video of some alleged students of OLA Girls SHS drinking alcoholic beverage ‘Kpo k3k3’ mixed with ‘Coca Cola’ has caused a stir on social media and gotten all responsible Ghanaians worried.

However, speaking on Cape 93.3FM’s morning show on Friday June 28, educationist and Counsellor, Mr. Daniel Fenyi asserted that the students are innocent and must not be punished.

Counsellor Fenyi queried that if students in a boarding house under the full authority of the Headmistress, House Masters, teachers, School Security, etc can still have access to alcohol and mobile phones, then the system has failed.

Counsellor Fenyi insisted that until Ghanaians learn to depoliticise the education system and reduce the ‘human right non-sense’, more of such unfortunate situations will happen.

To him, missionary schools were seen to be the most disciplined schools some years ago, hence, this video which comes from a missionary school and also a Girl’s school must get all responsible parents worried.

Source: Counsellor Fenyi


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