The Auditor-General has directed the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation to recover some GH¢93,203.53 from BBC after it understated an invoice to the global broadcaster.

The directive is contained in an audit report of the Auditor General into the operations of the state broadcaster.

“Due to weak internal controls on revenue, Transmission Certificates were not issued for some of the activities of the Corporation. We recommended to management to put in place systems to track and record all programmes of the Corporation with Transmission Certificates.

“An invoice issued to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in respect of colocation was under-invoiced by GH¢93,203.53. We advised Management to recover the difference of GH¢93,203.53 from the BBC,” the report noted.

It further said: “The Corporation under-stated revenue realised for the 2014 world cup by GH¢3,464,878.59. We advised Management to update the financial Statements and properly account for the GH¢3,464,878.59, failure of which officers of GBC who were responsible shall be surcharged with the amount.

“Our review of the contract agreement signed between the Ghana Television Consortium and Optimum Media Prime Limited showed that two major financial clauses were amended without approval by the Consortium. We recommended to management to furnish the source of authority for varying portions of the agreement.


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